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Marketing Data Management

The client dashboard is a powerful new feature on the Zeus Social platform that allows all of your client's marketing information to be tracked in one place. All of your client's campaigns across their networks are tracked, along with individual stats for each social network, allowing you to continually stay on top of your client's marketing activities.


The Zeus Social Client Dashboard

Our Zeus Social Client Dashboard allows you to access your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts from one central location. To reach your full advertising potential, you need all of your marketing channels working together, and our Client Dashboard makes this easy. It gives you instant insight into the progress of your campaigns, so it’s easy to make adjustments wherever they are needed.


Client Dashboard

Everything in One Place for Seamless Collaboration

The Zeus Social Client Dashboard is designed to give you the ability to view the status of your campaigns at a glance. With live campaign statistics, management tools, campaign overviews, the ability to contact your Account Manager, and an overall quick reference guide, you’ll be aware of everything that’s happening.

The Zeus Social Client Dashboard gives you access to your campaign information whether you’re in the office or on the go.



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