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Email Marketing Services

Get more traffic to your website and increase your revenue with a customized email marketing strategy. Included in that strategy are carefully curated content and eye-catching email designs that will engage your customers.

Market Directly To Customers

Zeus Social allows you to market directly to your customers. With this powerful automated email marketing tool, it only takes a few clicks to create highly personalized email campaigns. And if fully deployed, you can see an increase in engagement, site visits, and purchases.

Measure Your Success

With Email marketing, the statistics are in real-time, allowing you to see how your campaign is doing in real-time. From getting leads, to generating sales, to measuring the success of your email… you’ll get it all! The information only becomes available after an email is sent out.

Increase Open Rates

We take care to craft subject lines to entice recipients to open emails. Using our subject line generator, we work to create unique versions that are pertinent to your business and that will garner more opens. This means more traffic to you site, which means more potential customers for you.

How Do We Help?

Email Automation

Email automation will provide you the ability to send out emails automatically. One of the most popular use of email automation is for email marketing. This allows for emails to be sent out whenever you like instead of manually sending them one at a time. Another option available with email automation is you can use it for your transactional or updates.


As part of our email marketing services, we provide list segmentation for your business. List segmentation is taking your entire email audience and dividing them into smaller categories or lists.Segment your audience and send highly targeted email campaigns to them. Our email marketing services include email list segmentation, and we'll help you create and maintain a profitable and successful campaign for your business.

Optimized Landing Pages

These landing pages were created to be used if you run a groove funnel business and are launching a new product. You can also use them for blog launches and building hype around other products and services your business provides. Your audience will love these optimized landing pages and be incentivized to purchase the product or take the action you’re trying to drive them toward!


  • 22.86% is the average

  • email open rate across all industries.

  • 35% of business professionals

  • check their emails using mobile phones..

  • 47% of marketers

  • believe that their most effective lead nurturing method is email marketing.

  • For every $1 spent

  • on email marketing, the average ROI is $40.

  • 70% of millennials

  • state that they prefer personalized emails the best.

  • Emails are 6x more likely

  • to get click-through compared to other marketing methods

Why You Need Email Marketing Services

A marketing plan is vital to every business. But an email marketing strategy can be game-changing. Over 250 billion emails are sent and received daily. How can you ensure that your business stands out?

While we believe that sales are the main focus of marketing. Our approach is to focus on several different types of email designs to get the best results. This not only includes sales but also brand awareness and showing what makes your business unique.

Brand awareness is key when selling any product or service. With the help of the best email marketing services, we make sure that your subscribers understand your brand and who you are as a business. So that they can connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Benefits Of Using Our Email Marketing Services

As stated in the numbers above, email is indeed still one of the most-used forms of communication between brands and consumers. And while there are several marketing tactics available today, email marketing, in particular, can help foster brand-consumer relationships in ways other digital marketing mediums can’t.

Reach customers in the one place where most of them often visit – their inbox. We can help you navigate and learn how to do that.

Courses Based On Your Level Of Expertise

We have structured our programs in such a way that it helps students with different levels of expertize on the subject, right from a beginner to an expert. We cover it all.

Email Marketing Pricing

Our email services can help you speed up your sales cycle. We help you move email marketing lads from one stage to the next. Skyrocket your engagement, email opens, and click-through rates with our email marketing today. Check out our pricing below:.


4 Email Blasts


  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Custom Email Designs

  • List Maintenance & Clean Up

  • Analyze Performance/Reports

  • Original Email Copy

  • Ongoing Optimization

  • Initial Campaign Strategy

  • Better

    8Email Blasts


    Don’t Believe Us? Here’s What Our Clients Say About Zeus Social Marketing!

    “zeus social Marketing made it possible for our business to focus on what we do best. Their knowledge and expertise has freed up valuable time. One of the best agencies I’ve worked with and I highly recommend them”

    Why Zeus Social?

    Zeus Social is dedicated to making your social media campaign a success. We will help prepare your account for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram advertising by creating individual landing pages for each ad that you run. We will also create custom audiences of your buyers on Facebook, Google+ and other networks to maximize your ad purchasing power

     zeus social lives and breathes search. Our passionate, results-driven team is focused 100% on helping our clients grow their businesses with search engine marketing. From keyword research and PPC management to creating landing pages and managing AdWords campaigns, we help our clients use Google AdWords as a central hub for all of their online marketing efforts.